New Yoga Teachers qualified!!

Greetings from magical Egypt where we have completed the final integration week of the Yoga Life Teacher Training Programme. A powerful week where we immersed ourselves in living breathing yoga.

Our eco camp, located by the edge of the desert where it meets the tranquil Red Sea was the perfect destination. We would fall a sleep under a blanket of stars and wake up to the Egyptian sun. The days were filled with support and unconditional love as each student passed their exam one by one. We sang and played the guitar around the camp fire and the soft chants and our presence travelled through the whispers of the wind inviting the locals to join us. We would dance, laugh and cry…we would hold each other in the deepest love. The experience was profound for us all, beyond words, as we began to feel our body, mind and heart smile stronger then it ever had with compassionate Grace.

It is with the deepest love and respect that Eva and I congratulate and salute these incredible Yogis and Yoginis:

Alison Lam

Anabel Tauschke

Clive Wells

Dee Capel

Jenny Mace

Julia Kemp

Julie-Ann Hepnar

Kim Bromley

Lou Lovegrove

Miriam Carey

S Kelly

Sibylle Koelbl

Simon Bolton

Victoria Ferguson

Wendy Spencer

Congratulations and well done to you all xxx

Egypt (438)


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