Heart Mudra – Asana of the Month – May

Heart Mudra has a positive influence on your emotions. This mudra is said to take the current prana directly to the centre of your chest, which is the seat of an energy centre called anahata chakra. According to yoga tradition we gather, store and give out resources of love and compassion from this energy point. Practicing heart mudra is an excellent way to keep your heart centre open, vibrant and free!


You can practice heart mudra anywhere and at any time and it can also be combined with a breathing, meditation or visualisation. Rest your hands, palms facing up on your thighs whilst sitting. On each hand curl your index fingers so that the tips touch the tips of your thumbs. Let your fingers open out softly away from your palms. Bring your attention to your heart centre in the middle of your chest. Allow the energy there to open your chest and free your breath. Allow your hands to relax and rest when you feel them tire or strain.


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