Get to know the Yoga Life Team – Claire

Are you curious about Reiki and wanting to boost your immune system in these long winter months? Missing the sunshine and wanting to feel that summer energy again all year through?
Needing to feel a sense of deep relaxation, positivity, empowerment, confident, healthy, and happy with a sense of balance and harmony. Wanting to make changes in your life but needing support and that first step to take them? Discover the benefits of Reiki today….
Beautiful restoring Winter Reiki treatments to boost, strengthen, alleviate pain and accelerate the natural healing process with universal life force energy whilst clearing negative energy and blocks.
Treatment can be administered on a therapy bed or sitting in a chair fully clothed and involves gently placing hands on or near the body to aid healing. Private Sessions includes aura repair, meditation, full treatment, consultation and treatment plan. Reiki provides a safe environment for all age groups children, teenagers, adults, seniors. Popular with couples, friends, mother & daughter coming down (special discounts when booked together)….
Reiki can be used alongside other complimentary therapies and conventional medicine. I believe in reconnecting with the soul in order to improve any physical manifestations.
“To sooth the soul is to ease the mind”
A warm welcome awaits in cosy town studio The Stables, Eastbourne BN21 4UP.
Call/text/email to reserve your space with Claire Nicole 07982119519

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