Beach Yoga in January. In England..

It’s 9.30am on a frosty January morning. The temperature is -2. I park my car by the beach and my chocolate lab Maxi excitedly jumps out of the boot with his tennis ball at ready. I load my beach bag that is already full of sand and little beach pebbles with my dirty yoga mats (nature sticks to the mats).  Heading down to the beach, wearing many layers, hat, skiing gloves and winter coat and eagerly awaiting my hard core winter beach yoga lovers.

Now, I have been running the beach yoga for a while, in all sorts of weather (in torrential rain hiding in a shelter – that was unforgettable experience 🙂 ) but this winter the number of our hard core yogis who come even in these low temperatures risen to about 6.  Thank you for your dedication!

After few rounds of sun salutations practised on pebbles, on a slope, on the edge of  the sea, the layers and even shoes are starting to come off. The body temperature is rising (slightly) as we realise that our movement is somewhat limited in all this winter gear.  The energy is now flowing through our system, winter sun warming our cold faces and opening our hearts. The waves are so loud! We are thinking – ‘how lucky are we to live here, in such a beautiful place’ It could be a bit warmer but the scenery is breath taking. Even the dog is having a fantastic time, rolling in the sand, sniffing everyone and choosing a blue mat to sit on. Thinking ‘is anyone going to give me a biscuit?’

The class is slowly coming to an end.. hmmm.. relaxation… can we? Can we really lie down in Savasana? Frosty morning, January, England, -2, sea breeze.. But also beautiful sunshine. So…lets lie down and relax. Our bodies are melting onto our mats, releasing stress and pressure into the pebbles, sand, ground, Earth.  The sun warming up our hearts, little smiles flickering across our faces.  Peace, calmness, stillness. How lucky are we to be here. How lucky am I to be the beach yoga girl.. Morning to treasure… Namaste <3

beach yoga



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