Asana of the month – January

Warrior Pose

This posture will develop your stamina and strength, and leave you feeling positive and uplifted. It helps to increase flexibility in your hips and groin. You can practice the pose dynamically (moving in and out of the posture, inhaling and exhaling in time with your movements), or statically. Dynamic movements are a little easier.

Doing the pose statically demands more stamina and endurance. You can choose to work either way.

Place your feet wide apart. Turn your left foot out to 90 degrees and turn your right foot inward. As you breathe in, raise your arms to shoulder height, palms facing down. Turn your head to look along your left arm.

As you breathe out, bend your left knee deeply. Make sure that your left knee is directly above your left ankle. Your right hip should roll outward. Maintain a vertical, warrior-like stance. Repeat the whole exercise with your right leg in front, looking along your right arm.


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