Asana of the month – August – Squat

Using this posture for just a few minutes every day can be very beneficial for your whole body. Squatting is a basic natural posture for the human body, but owing to the fact that we sit on chairs  for much of our daily lives, most of us find it difficult at first. This posture is good for your digestion and internal organs, it will help you to focus and keep you mentally centred.

Move from a standing position into a deep squat with your knees and feet turned out. Rest your elbows inside your knees and bring your hands together in front of your chest. If this is difficult give yourself some help by placing a couple of books or yoga blocks underneath your heels. When you are in the pose try gently rocking forward and backward and side to side, which will help you relax into the position. When you can hold the position no more gently drop your head forward, lift your hips and roll your spine to come back to standing.


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