Yogabeats Foundation 2 – A Deeper Journey (4 day course)

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This event finished on 08 November 2020

Yogabeats with David Sye – 4 day course – Deeper Journey

Day 1

A Reminder of Level 1 – all modules discussed at the level 1 foundation course, which will develop into an in-depth exploration of those same subject matters, so that all students will have this knowledge at a deeper intuitive level.

Day 2

What actually is a Yogi?

Yoga redefined as mystical art

This section encapsulates:


Self Analysis

Basic Spirituality/Metaphysics

Day 3

Moves and Grooves

This section will comprise and look at Somatic Studies:

The effects of stress both psychologically and physically

Injuries and remedial work. ( both physically n metaphysically)

The Fascia body

Free movement

Somatic Effects of audio environments

Quest for the Breath and Krivas

This section explores and deepens the knowledge of:

Multiple pranayamas Bandhas’ and their physical self cleansing aspects from both the Indian and Tibetan traditions.

Day 4

From the Product to the Creative

The exploration of left and right brain functionality

The creative reflex

Beyond the physical (or the known)

Human Evolution

A 4 day Yogabeats journey, diving deeper

The course dates:

10th October 2020

11th October 2020

7th November 2020

8th November 2020

10.30am – 5.30pm

Fore more information and booking contact Eva on

Yogabeats David Sye

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