Sound Bath

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This event finished on 12 March 2023

Come and nourish your body and soul by relaxing in the deep and gentle healing modality of sound.

Sound baths have many benefits. They support deeply relaxation and stress reduction; balance the hemispheres of the brain; clear negative energy, emotions and blockages; soothe and harmonise your feelings; improve sleep; stimulate circulation, the immune system, and the organs of the body; and brings about an increase in vitality, creativity, intuition, motivation – helping us make positive changes for our whole being.

Facilitator: Belinda Chavasse

Investment £15

Short biography of teacher

Belinda has been working spirituality and energetically for the most part of her life.  and has qualified in Reiki, Shamanism, as well as in Sound. The beauty of Sound Healing is it is so easily accessible to all, and utterly uncomplicated as it frees us from constraints of the mind.


As a healer, she works with clients both locally and distantly and seeks to coach, support and facilitate individuals to empower themselves by helping them connect with their own innate wisdom.

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