Baby yoga

Mummy and Baby Yoga

Event Details

This event finished on 10 March 2020

Price: £8 drop in / £42 6-week block.

Time: 11.15-12.15

Led by: Alice Veasey


For further information please contact Alice, telephone 07780 535134, or email the studio.

A  yoga class for mums with babies or toddlers.

Bring your baby or toddler and come to this supportive and relaxing class. Yoga is a wonderful way to look after yourself in the months before and after birth. It brings a sense of well being and equilibrium, alleviates tiredness and aches and pains, maintains good posture and reminds you to relax.

It is perfectly natural for you, as a new mother, to devote most of your time and energy to caring for your new baby and this can leave you feeling drained and overwhelmed at times.

These regular weekly classes aim to regenerate your flagging energy and provide time for you to nurture yourself. We practice mindful breathing with yoga postures that gently stretch and rebalance the body, undo tension and combat fatigue.

Postnatal yoga

3 thoughts on “Mummy and Baby Yoga”

  1. Hi Lisa

    Thank you for your message. We run a pregnancy yoga class every Thursday at 6pm and also have a Mummy yoga class (mixture of babies and toddlers but also for expectant mums) on Tuesday at 11.15am.

    Would any of these suit you?

    many thanks

    Eva x

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