Pole Fitness Beginners Workshop

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This event finished on 17 May 2020

Ever fancied trying pole fitness? Then come along!
There are no age, size, shape or fitness restrictions. Both men and women welcome. This workshop will include something for everyone.
This class will cover the pole fitness basics, seats, spins, and basic inverts for anyone who is up to the challenge. A warm up and cool down will also be completed at the beginning and end.

90 minute class for just £10 per person – amazing value!

You can book by calling 07812 251663 (Ria from Peachy Pole Parties).

You can wear gym trousers, sports vests/tops but please note that you will need shorts to take part in certain moves. It is essential or you will miss out on certain bits so pop them in under your leggings/trousers/joggers. Also bring socks and don’t forget a bottle of water.
Strictly no rings or jewellery to be worn on the poles as this can cause damage to them. Please do not use moisturiser for 24 hours prior.

Please arrive on time as you can not join after warm up has been done.

2.45pm – 4.15pm on 9th February 2020.

Pole fitness

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