Kirtan – Evening of Chanting from the Heart

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This event finished on 15 May 2022

Kirtan – The Yoga of Sound

Kirtan (pronounced keer-tan) is a practice from Bhakti yoga, the path of the heart. It originated in India some 1400 years ago, when simple phrases from inspired poetry were sung to music, accompanied by drums, by the everyday folk in the streets and marketplaces of rural towns and villages. Kirtan was truly a practice of the people.

In a kirtan session, participants (seated comfortably on cushions and bolters) are invited to sing simple Sanskrit phrases back to the leader. This is accompanied by the beautiful soft resonant tone of the harmonium, and the gentle beat of the dolac and djembe drums, to create a steady and rhythmic flowing chant, inviting the mind to quiet and the body to sink into stillness.

In a wave-like flow, the rhythm steadily increases over several minutes and then returns to silent presence. This takes the Sangham (those who have gathered to practice) on a journey which can involve beautiful releasing of blocks, and can invoke states of joy and calm relaxation.

It is a practice for everyone, you don’t need to be a singer or believe in anything to come to kirtan, just being with the sound is enough.

Pranakirtan (part of Kirtanakarah) returns to the cosy and beautiful Yoga-Life Studio for an evening of chanting from the heart.
We’d love you to join us to be held in the love that permeates this rustic natural-beamed, wooden-floored, soothing & intimate venue as we sing together Sanskrit mantras and melodies to cleanse and uplift the soul.
No experience necessary, we’ll share simple chants and songs, and wonderful tones as we blend our voices with natural acoustic sounds of drum and mellow harmonium.
Drawing inspiration from the likes of Mooji Sangha, Krishna Das, Jai Uttal, Nikki Slade, Deva Primal and Miten, as well as sharing original Western-style kirtan songs, there will be a divine mix for the heart and soul 🙂
Please bring some water for your comfort, please come along if you’re well ❤
Bookings below – a share after expenses will be gifted to charity.
The Yoga-Life Studio’s first premises is where the kirtan journey began for Pranakirtan 17 years ago, so it is a very special to return to the latest gathering place – the heart of a wonderful community.
Kirtan is the repetition of mantras to enter a meditative space to drop from the mind into the heart. It is a beautiful practice which can support the feeling and releasing of many emotional states and can be quite profound.

For a taste of the type of kirtan we will share, please have a look at some of the videos on Pranakirtan’s Facebook Page

Cost : By Donation ♥ Please reserve your space by emailing (only 12 spaces) OR via Eventbrite here:

We look forward to welcoming you to kirtan ♥

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