Your first Yoga Class

Since I have been teaching yoga I have spoken to many people that appear to have some sort of fear attached to attending their first yoga class for a number of genuine and seemingly very real concerns to that individual.

Some of the reasons I hear are:

❤️I am not flexible/bendy enough.

❤️I am not strong enough.

❤️I worry about what the other regular practitioners will think of me.

❤️I am not spiritual enough.

❤️I am not comfortable in group settings.

❤️I don’t want to talk to other people because I am an introvert.

I can completely understand that pushing yourself out of your comfort zone and entering into a new environment can be daunting because of all the negative thoughts that may stop you from doing something new and awesome. It is worthwhile remembering that we were all beginners once and everyone had some sort of resistance to starting something new. It’s just a case of being a little bit brave and trusting that you will be safe and cared for. Plus, we are all on a constant learning curve regardless of our yoga experience, even the ‘teachers’.

Often our fears are completely unfounded and the expectations never match the reality of the situation. We find that our ego gets in the way as it doesn’t want us to step forth into our real power. This is when the negative self talk begins that unhelpful and repetitive chitter chatter of ‘you can’t do this’ etc etc.

We can find 101 reasons for not attending a new class because it is much easier to stay within our comfort zones. Here we are only ever faced with the realms of familiarity and ease.

Have you considered facing up to this and telling the ego where to go?

Have you considered that you might not be the only person in the room who has this feeling or thought?

What would happen if you reached out and spoke to that person next to you in class and let them know that you feel a little nervous? Sharing our vulnerability can often lead to a beautiful way to share what’s going on for us right now and we are able to connect with people in a new way.

Wherever you are trust and know that you are absolutely enough as you are right NOW and you do not need to be like anyone else in the class. You do not need the latest apparel, the fanciest mat or top of the market gizmos to practise yoga.

Just walking through the doors of the studio and turning up is enough.

Just laying in savasana for the entire hour is perfectly acceptable and enough. ( I have had people lay in savasana for thirty minutes before by the way. )

Just sitting and breathing your way through a class is enough.

Just being the very best version of yourself is enough.

It is also definitely worth remembering that this is not a torture class, you will never be made to do anything that your body doesn’t want to do.
You will never be singled out or made to feel uncomfortable. Instead you will be met from a place of non judgement and welcomed with open arms and a big smile.

If any of this resonates with you and you are very keen to attend your first class then please feel free to message me and we can chat. Alternatively, come along fifteen minutes before the class and we can spend some time together to go through any concerns.

I also do private one to ones for people who are keen to build a firm understanding of the postures before entering into a group environment.

I look forward to seeing you on Sunday at 6:30-7:30pm at The Yoga Life Studio.

Class is £7 per person.

With much love,
Sarah. Xxx

sarah yoga


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