Yoga Poses for the Winter Season

The Yoga-Life Studio We are now fast approaching the season of winter and the days are shortening and the night are getting longer. This for some people is cosy and involves snugly evenings, candle lights and friends. We look forward to the festive season spending some quiet time with friends and family restoring our vital energy.

However this time of year is organically inviting us to turn our awareness inward, to slow down. The build up is often frantic going against the natural rhythm of the earth and our body’s craving to slow down. As humans we are very affected by the seasons and during this period of naturally slowing down, society is speeding up…almost becoming frantic. It is important to remember what Christmas is all about…which is deep peace, family and friends.

I am a big fan of winter, I love Christmas…in fact I love the seasons, I think they have so much to teach us and as we learn to live in harmony with the rhythm of the earth I believe we will stay more vibrant and alive, and achieve optimum health. Mother earth is a great teacher and we could learn a lot from her if we only take time to listen to her.

So take time out this season to re-align. This is not the time to be to busy to do your yoga practice! It is so important to stay connected to YOU…to take a few minutes to meditate and stretch your body in delicious ways.

Here is a short but yummy yoga programme to practice daily for optimum health and balance during this Christmas season:

If possible set of some time daily at a time that is convenient with you and your schedule. If this is not possible practice whenever you can!

Corpse Pose Variation

Take some time out to reflect on your day without getting into a dialog with yourself…let go of the day…the great stuff…and the not so great stuff…it doesn’t matter, just let it All go, it is the past, it doesn’t exist anymore. Come into this moment of Now…you here and Now at this moment of time…meet yourself…spend some time hanging out with YOU!

Flow with your breath…focus on the sensation of your breath in your nostrils, the inhalation and the exhalation…

With this inhalation say to yourself’ ‘I give myself the gift of Peace and with this exhalation I share my Peace with You’…

3 Postures to keep calm and beat stress

Shoulderstand variation

Shoulder stand helps calm the mind, it has even been suggested that it helps anxiety, stress and tension emotionally and physically. It supports a long and healthy life.

Bridge Pose

Bridge pose relives tension as well as supporting our breathing mechanism allowing you a full and healthy inhalation where we not only inhale, but receive life at the same time. Open the doors that are protecting your heart and let it breathe…enjoy the space, a space you may not have felt for a while…

Shoulder stand and strong back bends support your immune system; it allows you to stay healthy and strong through the winter season.

Revolved abdomen pose

This posture releases stored toxins, bringing fresh oxygenated blood to the organs and the digestive system. This posture lifts your spirit and brightens your soul, a great posture if you are feeling overwhelmed and tired.

Return to Corpse Pose………..enjoy…….breathe…you are alive…celebrate YOU!

Deep Peace to You…

Time Out

Take time out today and sit quietly for awhile and listen to the flow of your breath…drink the life-force available to you, empty out tension,
Heaviness, tiredness…stay with this for awhile and then breathe normally and naturally, receive the affects.
Open to Grace and align yourself to your highest purpose this season and call in vibrant health and deep peace.


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