Pregnancy Yoga with Alice

Pregnancy yoga helps prepare both body and mind for pregnancy, labour and motherhood. The connection of your mind and body while managing pain during labour is critical.

 Pregnancy and birth is the largest emotional and physical change that a woman’s body will undergo. It is a time of great change where women become more aware of the workings of their body, and as the baby grows in the womb, the extra weight results in an altered centre of gravity and postural changes which can lead to a variety of aches and pains including lower back and pelvic pain.  Many women find however that with regular practice of yoga and breathing exercises the body becomes more balanced thanks to an increase in physical strength, helping to support the body whilst carrying the baby.  Muscle tension is also stretched away leading to a calmer mind and improved sleep.

During pregnancy one of the biggest drivers of fear and anxiety is the worry about being able to deliver your baby. A prenatal yoga practice will help you develop trust in yourself and breathing techniques.

Changing breathing patterns affects the body’s response mentally, physically and emotionally, breathing with more depth and fullness is calming as is provides more oxygen to mother and baby.  Slowing and smoothing the breath can reduce stress, overall helping the mother gain a sense of surrender and acceptance to the vast changes experienced in pregnancy and birth. These breathing techniques can come in handy during the unpredictable changes during labour and delivery giving the mother control by being able to stay focused and calm, allowing her body to relax and therefore helping baby relax and do what they need to do too.

Benefits of practicing pregnancy yoga:

  • Attending a class provides a safe space for the mother to rest, relax and reconnect
  • The mother meets other like – minded women, having the opportunity to share feelings and connect with each other.
  • Helps the mother and baby connect with each other
  • Classes can help to improve acceptance of the pregnancy and pending motherhood
  • Practising deep breathing and relaxation will help balance the mind and emotions, and therefore can help manage anxiety and pre – natal depression
  • Yoga asana (postures) can make physical space, allowing the pregnant mum to feel more comfortable in her body
  • Improves sleep
  • Increases lung capacity
  • Increases strength, flexibility and endurance of muscles needed for childbirth. Also increased stamina preparing for birth and early motherhood
  • Releases tension in achy muscles, especially in the lower back, shoulders and neck area.

Pregnancy yoga with Alice Veasey: Tuesdays 12:45-13:45 Thursdays 18:30-19:30 £8 per class at the Yoga life Studio

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