Meet our teachers – Louise Dale

Meet our teachers – Louise Dale

Hello, I’m Louise.

I currently teach two weekly yoga classes at The Yoga Life Studio. Both early in the morning – my favourite time of day!

On Mondays at 8am, I teach a gentle class that introduces students to the fundamentals of Ashtanga Yoga – a dynamic form of Hatha Yoga.

I break down basic postures and share information about aspects of the philosophy underpinning the practice. We also explore breathing techniques and meditation. I support students in a way that allows them to develop a simple home practice if they wish to do so.

On Wednesdays at 7:30, I give students individual attention to help them learn the primary series of Ashtanga yoga and help them approach new or more challenging postures in a way that is safe and suitable for their own unique anatomy and level of practice. I offer hands-on adjustments and encourage students to work efficiently and effortlessly with their breath and bandhas.

Yoga has been a part of my life for more than twenty five years. I am passionate about sharing what yoga has taught me with anyone who is curious about this ancient practice. I am dedicated to teaching yoga classes that meet individual needs and allow students to develop and challenge themselves in a way that suits them best. I am continually exploring how the practice of yoga can realistically help us find balance and a degree of calm in an ever changing world.

When I teach, I aim to deliver varied and therapeutic classes whilst encouraging students to weave the principles of yoga (and as much joy as possible) into their everyday lives!

I am registered as a Senior Teacher with Yoga Alliance Professionals and I have completed 300 hours Teacher Training with Ashtanga Yoga Paris, 200 hours TT with Brian Cooper at Union Yoga in Edinburgh and 40 hours TT with David Swenson. The teacher who influences my teaching most is David Keil of Yoganatomy who I have studied and practised with for more than ten years. I have completed further trainings with other internationally recognised teachers including Chuck Miller and Kino MacGregor and I am a qualified Teen Yoga Instructor. I have studied at KPJAYI in Mysore, India and now I am immersed in further studies at Brighton University in person-centred psychotherapy. I am a qualified primary school teacher and have taught in schools (and yoga studios) around the globe – from Scotland to Sri Lanka, Borneo to Bristol.


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