Yoga Life Teacher Training review

By Sarah Spencer

I decided to take the plunge and enrol on the YTT course after a brief conversation with the teachers Eva and Wenche, not really fully aware of how much my life would change in the forthcoming months.

I have made some beautiful new friendships that have given me strength, courage and love along the way. At low points of self doubt, the hope and strength of the group pulled me through which stopped me from giving up. I learnt how to let go of judgement of both myself and others thus opening my eyes to live from the heart. For this I am eternally grateful. These friends have now become my family and I can’t imagine my life without them.

My two patient, loving and beautiful teachers have taught me tolerance, acceptance of what is and have helped create fluidity within my life and yoga practise. They nurtured and encouraged my strengths at the same time as supporting my weaknesses which demonstrated how to love myself from a pure and kind place. They shone a light of hope when my will and ego wanted to give up. Thank goodness I didn’t give up as it carried me to the stunningly atmospheric shores of Egypt. It was here that the ancient healing powers of the land worked their magic. I will remain forever humble and clueless as to what happened to me during that holiday. All I can say is WOW!!

The grace, generosity, kindness and welcome that the people of the camp provided blew me away. I have never experienced such warmth and love from strangers before. The sheer effort that they went to without a doubt  made the holiday PERFECT.
From the comfort of our shore side Bedouin Tent, the cleanliness of the facilities, the vibrant array of food, the friendliness of each and every member of staff right through to the very well thought out trip to the desert, everything was absolutely fantastic. It far exceeded my expectations.
For me, the highlight of the week was the exciting drive to the desert where myself and fellow yogis were driven to the heart of the silence to practise our final lesson together. This practise was the most heart felt lesson I have ever experienced. As we practised amid the silence, the Bedouin people lovingly prepared a bonfire, traditional Egyptian bread and coffee to accompany our own tour of the galaxy. We were blessed to be shown the wonders of the universe through the lens of a telescope at the same time as being guided by a talk on how the stars aligned.

Surrounded by the love and worth of everyone on the trip I can truly say that this holiday changed my life in ways I never believed possible.

For anyone reading this with any doubt in their minds as to whether YTT is for them, I would say jump on board, hold on tight, buckle yourself in and be prepared to be taken to the stars and back!!! :))))))

With love, light and serenity.

Sarah xxxxxxxx



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