Matsyasana - Fish Pose

Posture of the month – March – Matsyasana – Fish Pose


Matsyasana - Fish Pose
Matsyasana – Fish Pose

It’s blizzarding this morning…. but signs of Spring have been coming fast lately – buds appearing, hours of daylight increasing and little splashes of colour as primroses and crocuses open themselves up. After huddling to keep warm through winter we’ll soon be ready to stretch and do the same, opening up and breathing deeply as we launch into fresh plans and creative projects. 

Fish pose is uplifting, refreshing and is a wonderful way to open the chest and throat. It gives the shoulders and neck a gentle massage and benefits the respiratory system as well as nourishing the spine. This pose takes its name from Matsya, the incarnation of the Hindu god Vishnu as a fish. As the sun is in Pisces this month it seems a good choice!

Lying on the back with legs extended, slide the arms behind the back, placing the hands beneath the buttocks, palms down.

Press into the forearms while lifting the head, shoulders and upper body up off the mat. Bring the elbows close together, lifting and broadening the chest.

Drop the shoulders and head back, and let the crown touch lightly onto the mat, continuing to support the weight with the elbows and forearms, not taking it onto the head. Draw the shoulder blades towards each other, lifting and feeling the expansion of the chest, as you breathe deeply.

To come out, lift the head slightly and slide back gently to the floor.



Safia x


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