Yoga in Schools

It has always been a joy to watch children practising yoga. Being a yoga teacher and a mother of two, I have often found my boys (and their friends) on my yoga mat shouting an enthusiastic, “look at me I am a tree”, or “I am an air plane”. “What am I now?” or, “what is this posture called?”

This Yoga School Programme is a specially designed yoga class, where children use their imagination during posture work and learn to breathe correctly and understand how to relax their body.We have fun by imitating animals, plants and objects through storytelling. The children become an active part of the stories and games taking place and are also encouraged to help create stories and new adventures.

Yoga is a natural and healthy way to exercise through play and imagination. Learning to relax, focus and strengthen the body, mind and spirit.Yoga is fun, creative and enjoyable for both boys and girls of all ages. Join us in the fun adventure of yoga play!

Yoga & ME

I have found myself supporting many people with ME and chronic fatigue as well as mental health problems through my journey in Yoga and the results has been astonishing.

The approach is simple yet powerful and supports the recovery working on body, mind and emotions. Yoga brings balance and re-builds the physical, mental and emotional aspect of a human being. I have also found that Yoga brings about a heightened level of self esteem as their practice will empower them taking charge of their lives through recovery boosting their immune system and strength.
One of the main reasons why Yoga is such an eminently suitable system for ME / CFS is that it can target some of the main culprits of the illness e.g. The Hypothalamus Gland which governs the Autonomic Nervous System. If this malfunctions it causes problems with all automatic functions of the body and brain such as swallowing, blinking, digesting,breathing, temperature control, etc. Lack of blood to the Brain Stem is one of the indicators that it is ME/CFS and not some other illness. This problem can be addressed. A lack of balance in the main Energy Centres. Improves relaxing and sleeping. Helps to alleviate the build-up of Lactic Acid in the muscles. Gradually increases tolerance to exercise. Teaches Energy Conservation.

Langford Centre

The Langford Centre in Bexhill is a residential care unit for patients with mental illnesses and learning disabilities. Residents look forward to and thoroughly enjoy their practice, incorporating stretches, relaxation and well-being sessions, as well as the healthy social experience that the sharing of yoga brings – all of which makes this work immensely rewarding.

Yoga has become increasingly popular in recent years and is now being prescribed by doctors as both a preventive and curative therapy in the early three phases of stress related diseases. In addition, yoga is effective in the management of psychosomatic disorders that have progressed to an irreversible stage, by providing effective symptomatic relief, treating depression and deep rooted anxiety and evolving the best possible outlook of the sufferer towards the disease. In London, yoga therapy is now being offered at a number of NHS hospitals.


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  1. Hello

    I have CFS and was recommended to contact you to see if you had any suitable courses/sessions which would support my symptoms and recovery – reading above looks like you might be able to help, would the taster session on Friday be suitable?

    Thanks in advance


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