Simply Being – Satsang & Meditation

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This event finished on 18 May 2024

SIMPLY BEING – Satsang & Meditation

Satsang means ‘to Be in the company of Truth’.  When we gather in this way – in Truth, in openness and honesty, the vibration of Love is amplified.  Meditation is the discovery of the Real Self.

Satsang & Meditation is a silent space (other than when sharing of course), offering space for beloveds to meet themselves at a deeper level, in the silence of Being. It is an opportunity to take time out from worries, concerns and distractions. A space to meet ourselves in the tenderness of the Heart. A space to be our Self. Simply.

During our meetings, whether group or 1-1, we spontaneously flow in the wisdom of The True Way: meditation, authentic movement, self-inquiry, questions, insight and sharing – an opportunity to rest, absorb, feel and fully allow what is arising in honesty and to enquire into to the Truth of Reality. Guidance is offered and questions may be answered.

Satsang offers the opportunity to move beyond the limitation of belief, opinion and perception and to rest our attention on the space of Awareness, Pure Consciousness, the Love that we are. You are invited to shift your perception from the mind to the heart, to ‘feel’ the ever-present Truth of what you are, and begin to view life from the ‘eyes of the heart’.


Meetings are open to anyone who is ready to discover their true nature and explore how this realisation may infuse daily life.  Come as you are.   
£15 / £13 drop-in
£60 – 5  x class pass
Emma Abhijeeta is teacher of the Heart, offering yoga, movement, meditation, workshops, retreats and 1-1 sessions in service to the awakening of Truth. Through her offerings she encourages beings to awaken and embody what they are as Love, embracing life as an open-eyed meditation, to let Love and let Life


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