Zoe and Aggie would like to invite you for a series of transformation workshops aligned with seasonal changes.

Transition and change is never easy yet nature does it so perfectly and we can learn so much from it.
We both would like to help you feel your strength, calm, be courageous whatever the weather and life circumstances.
On 24th April we will celebrate the essence of Spring.
In spring nature wakes up and reveals its hidden potential. Flowers bravely open their petals, stand together in their full glory.
During the workshop, we too will wake up our inner potential and strengths, we will open our hearts and minds for the new beginning and last but not least we will find beauty in supporting each other, on and off the mat. Like flowers standing together, we will support each other in this wonderful journey through transitions and changes. Leaning on others and asking for help and support takes courage and reveals our beauty.
* heart opening flow with modifications for everyone, regardless of their body shape and experience
* breathing techniques to help us navigate in turbulent times and life storms
* loving and kindness meditation
We are hoping you will find these workshops helpful in supporting you off the mat, in your daily lives.

You can book a single workshop or all 4. Pre-booking all 4 is ideal for consistency and you will have something to look forward to.


Bookings are no longer available for this event.