Yoga and Buddhist Meditation Workshop

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This event finished on 16 October 2021

Olga and Satyamati will be leading the workshop.

Olga will lead 30 min gentle yoga practice. In yoga practice we will be focusing on Ahimsa – ‘Non-Violence’ for body and mind. We will be practising with Ahimsa in mind, respecting the body and honouring it’s boundaries. By respecting our boundaries and listening to our body and mind, the practice becomes wholesome and sustainable. Practicing with ‘non-violent’, loving thoughts causes dopamine (the ‘feel good’, ‘relaxation’ chemical) to be released in to the body. Expect to practice a variety of postures to create sense of expansion and freedom in your chest centre – Heart Centre(Anahata Chakra).

Introduction to Buddhist Meditation + Meditation Practice with Satyamati Dharmacharini.

The meditations we will be practicing are:

The Mindfulness of Breathing, which helps to develop awareness, integration and an understanding of the way the mind works.

And the Metta Bhavana, which helps to cultivate positive emotion, compassion and an ‘opening of the heart’.

Both of these practices form the initial stages of an exploration of meaning and purpose within busy modern life.

Not only does meditation help with awareness and positive emotion, it also helps to point you towards an onward journey onto the ‘path of


It doesn’t matter how flexible you are or where you are starting from, you will leave with the greater feeling of freedom and space.
Suitable for beginners.

Where: The Yoga Life Studio, 25 South Street, Eastbourne, UK, BN21 4UP.

Cost: £25

Please book directly with Olga by sending email to

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