The Art of YIN Yoga

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The Art Of Yin Yoga with Melanie Hutton 
Saturday 3rd June
1.30PM – 3.30PM

A 90 minute Yin Yoga practice including meditation and mindful breathing techniques to help you discover a deeper Yin practice.

This workshop will also finish with a 25/30 minute Yoga Nidra practice for your relaxation .

If you are new at Yin yoga then this is also a great way to start your Yin Yoga journey . This workshop we will work all the meridians . As in Yin yoga we not only work on the tissues of our body but on the energetic body too through meridians . Look at Yin as self acupuncture.

When practicing this turtle slow-paced yoga style, unlike other varieties that are fast-moving and fancy looking, there is no wow-factor for spectators. Because yin yoga stretches connective tissue, especially at the joints and ligaments. To experience the wonders of yin, practitioners simply hold well-aligned, basic floor based poses for up to 3-5 minutes . Yin also works energetically in the body as the meridian lies lay in our tissues. So expect to feel nourished and relaxed.

It’s not always easy or even possible to become physically still. Yet when in a Yin pose you become able to “drop-in” and become motionless, the depth of awareness is simultaneously awe-inspiring and intrinsically peaceful. You watch the inner play of my mind and subtle body as an observer. so you can see within.

Expect soothing Sounds, words and wonderful energy from within rising up to meet you.

Mel is delighted to be returning to her former home of Sussex as she travels from Manchester to see us again on this weekend of Yin Worksop’s and can not wait to meet you and re connect with the Eastbourne Yogis  .

Why not stay for a Yogi Tea and a chat afterwards to a moment to reflect  .

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