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Mel Hutton

Yin & Yum Yoga Workshop with Mel


During this workshop you will be introduced to the newly popular Yin yoga . Melanie Hutton has been practicing Vinyasa Yoga and Yin Yoga for the last 10 years and teaching for the past 5 years after qualifying in both of these types of yoga that complement each other . We are really excited to be introducing it to Eastbourne’s yoga community through our experienced teacher Melanie. Please come join us . Mel Hutton

Product Description

Come and join us at The Yoga Life Studio in Eastbourne.
Sussex and London based teacher Melanie will be taking you through a series of yin poses with gentle guidance and nurturing care . working on the FIRE element . The soothing and contemplative practice of Yin Yoga invites you to balance this outward focus with an inward glance. In this gentle practice, we will focus on the heart, lungs and large intestine meridians that run along the chest cavity as well as along the inner and outer arms.
Consider this an invitation to slow down and surrender to the joy of the present moment with an exploration of heart openers, upper back and shoulder stretches and finishing with a soothing meditation and some Tea and Cake.
For more info and bookings please contact
Book through The Yoga Life Studio Website £25
The Yoga Life Studio, 25 South St, Eastbourne BN21 4UP

Can you can pay by cash at Mel’s regular class Thursdays 17.15 at the studio xxxx

Mel Hutton


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