Can you tell us what to expect in your class?

I like to provide variety in my class so every week I try to have a different focus. I will often choose asanas that will benefit different problem areas such as the neck, shoulders or lower back for example. I will also use props and adaptations to help my students find freedom in an asanas and make it accessible for everyone. I have a strong focus on breath and correct alignment whilst practising (hence the name Breathe and Align) to ensure my students are practicing safely. I always finish with a replenishing deep relaxation.

When did you 1st realise you wanted to be a Yoga teacher?

I had always wanted to teach but had such low self-belief I didn’t feel I had the confidence to teach. I had to do a presentation at college when I was studying English and I realised then if I was passionate about something and believed in what I was presenting then I could do it. I discovered that I could actually stand in front of a group of people and be confident! Yoga is something I feel passionately about and so it is easier for me to lead a class. Never the less, I still have to work hard to calm my insecurities but seeing how my yoga class can transform people enables me to realise I can really do this and make a difference.
Upon this realisation I went on to study and qualify for my yoga teacher training in India.

Where is your favourite place to practice?

I absolutely love to practice on the beach in the summer. Thanks to Eva I discovered Holywell. This place was made for a Yoga practice. I love the feel of the earth beneath me, the birds singing and of course the stunning views of the sea. I feel totally at one with nature.

Have you any advice for new students.

Two things: –
1. Try as many different teachers as you can because only then will you find that one particular teacher you absolutely connect with. I was very lucky as I found my teacher Felicity when I first started to practice Yoga.
2. Listen to your body as everyone is different and quite often students want to push themselves in order to compete with the person next to them. But remember, It is your practice nobody else’s. Your body will always tell you if something doesn’t feel right so be sure to listen.

You love Yoga because?

Yoga becomes a way of life. It’s not just about the physical practice and that’s what I love about it. My practice keeps me grounded & focused. When life starts to throw things at you I know if I get on my mat I will be able to cope mentally, physically and emotionally. Plus it just makes you feel so damn GOOD!!

What is your favourite posture/practice and why?

I love any asana that opens up my heart. Like Ustrasna (camel pose) and Natarajasana (dancers pose) there is just something about really opening up my heart centre that makes me feel so happy and free. It also gives me a sense of power and clarity, like I can conquer the world!

Can you share 3 interesting facts about yourself?

I worked for an international fitness company in New York for 6 years.
I used to be a personal trainer.
I am currently studying to be an Iyengar Yoga Teacher (watch this space for Iyengar Yoga classes at Yogalife Studio!)

What is your personal motto or favourite quote?

“A Yogi’s brain extends from the bottom of the foot to the top of his head” BKS Iyengar.

Linzi teaches on Thursday at 6.30pm and her class is called ‘Align & Breathe Yoga’

Linzi Kent Yoga