Step 1 The Way of Yogabeats

Day 1 – 25th January 2020

The Yogabeats Story/Histories – How the practice evolved from its origins in response to contemporary environments. The basic philosophical cornerstones to the practice including the dynamics of human evolution, ego etc
The Practice – Experiencing the practice, breakdown and analysis of formula/s and methodology
Micro moves -The physical and psychological principles
The Bandhas – Their applications and effects

Day 2 – 26th January 2020

Moves ‘n’ Grooves – The sounds and rhythms, the effects of different Audio environments
Spontaneity – The principles physically and psychologically
Energy clearance/invocations – Of environments and people
Yogabeats Quest for the Breath – Breathing techniques, use of, and effects

Day 3 – 28th March 2020

Teaching – without a plan or central control
Communication Performance skill – Creating Inclusion/Humour etc
More Advanced techniques – As the pace of the practice advances
Partnership Work – Creating inter communication between students, and the use of!
Meditations/Visualisations – End of Yogabeats class resolution

Day 4 – 29th March 2020

Recapitulation of all items from the previous 3 days
Practical trial teaching modules
‘Principles of societies’ – The need for yoga as community
The 3 steps to all Healing

Certification Celebration

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Investment : £450

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More about David:

Yogabeats with David Sye has always been MORE THAN than just another form of yoga. Its legacy that reaches back over 20 years – after its conception and birth amidst the horrors of the Bosnian War. The Yoga Associations in the UK then broadly regarded Yogbeats as an outsider and a rebel, and David Sye became infamously known by the press as “The Bad Boy of Yoga.”

Yogabeats began out of a personal use of yoga as a means to survive the physical & psychological hell of being caught in an OVERT BOSNIAN WAR. I found that I naturally began to utilise deep breathing and constant spontaneous movements (no static positions) within every position I practiced and it was no longer as an austerity, but as a internal escape from the psychological terrors of the War.

It felt like an abstract dance that was never the same for any two practices, alongside loud funky sound mixes (to drown out the sound of the war) ,. my students were the soldiers of that long bloody war ,.and they were my support and inspiration!
I recall promising myself that if I survived and made it back to the West I would carry on what I learned throughout those dark and traumatic times.The irony was that when I eventually made it back to the west, and the UK I found myself in the centre of another WAR but this time it was a COVERT WAR, and of course the freedom to “ Break Out” of convention be it Yogic or Western is the of course exactly the same,.simply because Yoga – Unity with the self – is the act of consciousness not an asana or a pranayama or even a Karma. it is a breaking out and away from convention ,concepts and rules. True Yoga is in itself, pure art, implicit Freedom (God/ Love/ Freedom ,.are all the same things) and to this day, Yogabeats remains an evolving Art form.

In 2006 in yet another war zone, it wove together for the first time the peoples of Israeli and Palestine,. in a land breaking unified practice right in the heart of Jerusalem ( which proves peace can actually exist right in the middle of a war) and has been a unifying force there ever since the year 2000 – So maybe it’s not an over statement to declare that Yogabeats is MORE THAN just another type of yoga form.

david sye