Sunday 15 September 2019

Cherish this precious chance to slow down and soften with an extended Yin yoga practice .

The Yin yoga practice is centred around floor-based postures, which are held for several minutes using props as supports. Doing this practice for an extending time  mindfully bending and gently moving, can be remarkably rejuvenating for our body and mind.
Yin reminds us that it is the path that matters and not the destination. It is a mindful and passive practice that allows the muscles of the body and mind to deeply relax using pure body weight. Yin Yoga creates space in the joints and connective tissue, allowing you to release tension physically, mentally and emotionally as you nurture yourself with an open-minded attitude of acceptance and love.
This powerful fusion of yoga, words & beautiful music brings an element of creative spontaneity that will inspire, energise and soothe.  It will be  healing, deep and will enhance the journey into blissful meditation where you will find space to deal with feelings and emotions helping to reconnect and embrace.
The element  EARTH associated with organs spleen and stomach is a late summer and/or the transitional time between the seasons (the equinox and solstice). This is a time when the earth returns to its centre and prepares for its transformation. Inwardly this season draws us back to our centre to ripen our Qi (life force/prana) and to nourish and nurture ourselves like a mother does for her child. The spirit of the Earth element endows us with the ability to stand behind our words and dreams with purpose and intent and to bestow upon us clarity of thought and integrity.

The practice will finish with a mediation followed by Pukka tea and Vegan and Gluten free cake .

£20.00  early bird tickets available now until August 5th.