Beloved Woman,  

It is time to come home, to rest and to find your balance between pleasure & purpose. 

In these monthly circles we will journey together to remember our wild essence, to restore our connection to our sensuality, creativity and naturalness. 

Each one of us has a wealth of gifts, wisdom and healing stored deep within our cells, waiting, longing for us to remember, to activate and bring forth into the world. In a time where our divine feminine nature is required if we are to find balance in our lives, in our relationships and in our world, it is essential for us to nurture our wild essence. 

We will explore through movement, sound, breathe and creativity to come home to our bodies. We will work with strengthening the vagus nerve, the nerve that supports our parasympathetic nervous system. It is essential that we learn to relax and rest, so our spirit can unravel fully in our bodies. We need to create space inside ourselves in order to become all we came here to be. 

I am passionate about reconnecting women to our womb and cervix, I will be including guided journeys to activate our relationship to our female anatomy. This will be gentle but so powerful as we learn to ground ourselves in our womb space, the true home of the feminine.

Each month will be different as we co create this space together, intuitively feeling into where we want to journey together. We are not separate, we are all moving through the same time and space, just with different flavours and stories. 

There will be time each month for sharing, it is also my wish that we begin to visual how we wish to birth a new world together. 

I honour your wild essence, your feminine power and the part you have come to play in our evolution.  

It will be my pleasure to go on this journey with you, it is already happening, do you feel it? 

Investment £20 including delicious cacao treats. Spaces limited to 10 women.

About Deva:

Deva Yasmin has been on her sacred path of awakening for 5 years, she is passionate about humanity awakening so we can find balance and create a love intelligent Earth. 

A huge part of her journey has been awakening the feminine within her, learning to honour her body, moving out of life lead by the head and moving into embodied, heart centred way of being. 

She has worked for some time with healing the relationship to the cervix, this work continues to unravel and provides so much support for her in her daily life, in her relationship and her work. The cervix is our power centre, and she is passionate about igniting women’s curiosity about our female anatomy. 

She is also an Aura Mediator, trained to work with Aura Transformation, a huge focus in this work is balance. She realised that in order to be efficient in today’s world, to share her gifts it is essential for her to feel balanced.  

That if her wild woman is being nurtured daily through nature, dancing, singing and remembering her creative power, she is more at peace, more focused and has more energy available to live her Dharma, as well as nurture herself and her relationships. She has experienced in her own journey that awakening the feminine, nurturing her relationship to her womb and cervix empowers her to stand up and become more visible, which she longs for all beings to do.  

This circle has been a dream of hers for many years and she is very excited to share with those who feel ready to find pleasure & purpose in their wild feminine essence.