Cost: £7 per session.

Come and join me for a class focusing on sequences which combine both strength and flexibility to build a solid foundation while maintaining grace, extension and fluidity. We work through each part of the body in flows, as students explore their movement sphere, find their boundaries and reach towards their limitations. Harnessing the power of our breath as it expands and contracts in our bodies and carries us through the flow.

Teacher – Chloe Langford

I began my exploration of movement as a contemporary dance and choreography student, and later expanded my practice to include vinyasa flow yoga and ashtanga yoga. I have always been fascinated by how the body works and moves.

I use yoga to physically explore the different anatomical possibilities of the body and our capacity to stretch both physically and mentally. My structured and defined practice helps me to focus, align my breath and movement and centre my energy for the day.

Yoga photo Chloe