Life can be absolutely amazing and demanding at the same time. Whilst we are trying to balance a job, family and a social life we also want to make sure to have enough breaks to refuel and relax. And as we are caught up in our daily schedule the year goes by quick until it’s nearly the end of it!

I invite you to take a step back for a few hours and come back into a space where you can take allow yourself to focus on feeling into how this year has been so far.

Have you accomplished what you wanted?
Have you stayed true to yourself as the year has unfolded?
Have you felt a pull in a different direction but where too busy to even think about it?

Together we will sit in ceremony, find the stillness within ourselves, dissipate the busy voices in our heads so you can immerse fully in your heart space where you will be able to hear the whispers of your heart.

With the loving support of Cacao you will be able to drop deep into your own personal truth and the space where everything is possible – no judgements, limitations or illusions will hinder you from seeing yourself the way you truly are!

Energy exchange: £35 in advance

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